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How to Plump Lips Naturally



With beauty salons closed due to social distancing, some people might be missing their fuller lips! Many people covet those Angelina Jolie style full lips, with some even resorting to filler injections to achieve this look. There are also many who don't wish to use fillers to create the perfect pout, but still like the appearance of plump lips through makeup application. Another benefit to this treatment is the improvement of fine lines around the mouth. Through collagen induction therapy, you will see an improvement in the skin around the mouth area. If you are concerned about lines around your mouth area, performing this treatment 3x per week will help a lot. 

Another option you might not be aware of is a temporary lip plumping effect through shallow microneedling. If you own a Dr Pen auto-microneedling device, you can create the illusion of fuller lips minus the salon appointment or injection!

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This quick little treatment is virtually painless and can be performed up to three times per week! The reason for this is that the needle depth you will be using (0.25mm) is very shallow, so you aren't causing any damage to your skin or lips. 

Keep reading below to learn the lip plumping home treatment. You can also click the video at the top of this page. 

To do this, you will need:


  1. Cleanse the lip area and the skin around the mouth to remove all traces of moisturiser and/or makeup. Pat dry
  2. Wipe alcohol solution over the same area with a cotton pad
  3. Attach a sterilised 12 pin needle cartridge to your device 
  4. Set needle depth to 0.25mm
  5. Apply serum to lip area
  6. Needle serum into lips in a criss cross or circular motion. Go over each area about 4-5 times 
  7. Wipe away any excess with a cotton pad if necessary
  8. Admire the results! 

You will notice an immediate plumping affect to your lips, as well as some mild redness. If the area is a little red, don't worry as this will subside very quickly. If you like, you can add more serum afterwards while the micro-channels are open for extra hydration and ingredient absorption. If lips are dry in the day or so afterwards, you can just apply a hydrating lip balm to the area. 

We hope you enjoy your plump pout! If you try this at home, we'd love you to share your results with us on social media! Or, you can email us. 


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