How does microneedling work? 

The Dr Pen device slides along the skin and penetrates the upper layers of your skin to create micro-wounds. These wounds trigger a healing response from the body, which responds by producing collagen and elastin fibers. Over time, the skin becomes fuller and reduces the appearance of fine lines and scarring. Read more about how microneedling works here

Which conditions does microneedling treat?

Microneedling can treat a range of conditions, with some of the most common including; mild to moderate acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone (hyperpigmentation), skin texture and stretch marks.

Which device should I purchase?

Choosing your device comes down to personal preference and your budget. All the Dr Pen devices have a needle depth which ranges from 0mm - 2.5mm. We have created a graph here to show you how to choose which needle depth to use to achieve your desired results. 

Some devices are directed more towards certain skin concerns, such as scarring or anti-aging, which will be demonstrated in their title. However, this doesn't mean it's the only device which works for that specific skin care issue, it just means it's the ideal device for that particular skin concern. This is usually to do with one or two features. For example, the A7 and M8 have finer needles than previous models which is ideal for treating scars. 

What will I look like post-treatment?

You will experience some redness and mild swelling for 24-48 hours post-treatment. It's also normal to see small pinpoint bleeding and mild bruising. After a few days your skin will be a little dry and flakey, which will gradually disappear within one week. See more about After-Care here. 

What is the downtime?

It's recommended you don't use your Dr Pen 3-5 days before an event as you will experience mild redness, pinpoint bleeding, swelling and bruising for a few days after treatment. 

Is it painful?

The level of discomfort you experience will depend on the needle length you choose to use, as well as whether you apply a numbing cream. The shorter the needle length, the less discomfort you will experience.

Applying a numbing cream pre-needling is advisable for lengths longer than 0.25mm. Applying a serum such as hyaluronic acid will also help lubricate your skin and may alleviate some discomfort during the microneedling process. 

How often should I use my Dr Pen?

Microneedling can safely be performed every 4-6 weeks. For collagen induction you will require at least 3 treatments. Scar reduction requires between 3 and 6. 4-6 weeks should pass between one treatment and the next.  

Which needle length should I be using?

The needle length you choose to use depends on the kind of results you are wishing to achieve.

1mm and below will help even out skin texture and hyperpigmentation, but won't be as effective for reducing scarring. This length is also perfect for those who wish to improve the efficacy of their serums as the ingredients will penetrate deeper into the skin. The deeper the product can get into your skin, the more effective it will be. 

1mm - 2.5mm is recommended for those wishing to improve the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines and stretch marks. Remember multiple treatments are required for improvement in the appearance of these issues, performed roughly once every 4 weeks. 

Microneedling is safe procedure, however, it's advisable you consult with your doctor prior to performing at home microneedling treatments. 

Which cartridge do I need?

There are 3 different cartridge options to choose from:

  • 12 pin
  • 36 pin
  • Nano 

The 12 pin is recommended for the face, while the 36 pin is more suitable for body. The nano cartridge can be used regularly for improved serum absorption (scroll down to learn more about nano-needling).

What are the differences between the 12 pin, 16 pin, 36 pin and nano-needle cartridges? Which one do I need?

We recommend the 12 pin and 16 pin (16 pin cartridges only available with the M8 device) for face. The 36 pin is recommended for the body (For stretch marks, for example). 

Which body parts can you microneedle?

You can use the Dr Pen microneedle on your whole body. Popular areas include face, neck, decolletage and hips (for stretch marks). 

What is nano-needling? How often can I nano-needle?

Nano-needling stimulates collagen production in the skin by infusing active ingredients through microscopic channels and allows up to 97% product absorption! This treatment combats similar concerns as microneedling such as reducing the appearance of fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and other skin blemishes using your body’s own natural repair response. You do not require numbing cream with this treatment as you won't be penetrating the skin deeply and it is pain-free. 

The main difference between microneedling and nano-needling is the depth that the needles penetrate into the skin. Nano-needling only punctures the first layer of the skin, while microneedling penetrates deeply into the dermis. If you are concerned about mild fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, then nano-needling is for you. It will help you get the most out of the ingredients of your infused serums. If your skin care concerns are for deeper fine lines, deep acne scarring, stretch marks, loss of elasticity, hyperpigmentation and overall improved appearance of texture and tone, then microneedling is the treatment to choose. 

You can nano-needle once per week with the depth set at 0.25mm. 

What are the benefits of nano-needling?

  • Increased smoothness and hydration
  • Increased nutrient absorption from products
  • Firmer looking skin
  • Improved texture and tone


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