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One came in an open box ? Hopi g to get a replacebent , I trued to send a pic of the box you you

Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Pen
Aginieszka futyma
Does the job

Amazing tool for at home micro needling treatment

saving my skin for the better

i got my dr. pen a week ago today. i used it on the same day that i got it and i had an amazing healing process. my skin was dry and flaky as it was healing which i know is normal, and only a WEEK later i noticed my acne scars are starting to lighten and disappear. i can’t wait to see the progress in my skin as the months go by! and i definitely do not regret getting this dr. pen m8 so far!

Excellent Customer Service!

Had an issue with my old device & was able to get a new device & refurbish the old device. They were on it! I am very impressed.


I was a little nervous about using the pen but the directions were so easy to follow and the pen worked amazingly. Excited to see the results with long term use

16 Pin Replacement Cartridges for M8 (10 Pack)

To early to tell

I just started using this brand but I can say it doesn't burn like some brands.

I didn’t get my order

Delivered to wrong address

Good product for price

I really like the price for the amount of cartridges.

Femvy Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Elizabeth Schaefer
Good stuff!

I’ve tried and compared this serum to several others. By far, this is my absolute choice. I have referred several other people to this product it is high-quality it works efficiently and it is a fair price I highly recommend it.

I need the pen to use them.

Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Pen
Jeannette Niggenaber
Changed by review 5 star with the troubleshooting. It's working great. I will go deeper once I numb my skin on the fattier area.

Love my Dr Pen!

This microneedling pen is easy to use and effective. The website directions and videos are very helpful. I have only done one treatment and can tell there is a difference already. My skin has more glow to it and my pores are tiny!

It weirdly works and is exactly the same as going to a clinic for it

This does work and seems like the same type of instrument they use for microneedling!

Great so far!

Really great skin care device, can see improvements with just 2 sessions.

Quickly arrived and works as expected

Only used a couple of times since it arrived, but haven't had any issues so far! The shipping was fast!

Just received

I received my pen very fast and love it so far

Highly Recommend

Works great but could come with more cartridges.

Pleased with service!

I received my Dr. Pen promptly! And am very pleased with the thorough information regarding all factors of use, process and healing. Look forward to using!

16 Pin Cartridges for A6S Ultima x 10

Used once so far but it worked great!

No pulling, the needles just glided along:) Thank you!

Dr. Pen Ultima A6 Microneedling Pen

Femvy Vitamin C Serum
Diane Shinstock
Great Quality

I purchased a similar pen off Amazon from an unknown seller. What a mistake! I had challenges from the beginning, but I reached out to the real Dr. Pen for some support. Unfortunately, they could only guide me on how to address the issues I had with the original, but couldn’t offer any warranty support since I did not buy directly from them. I threw the old one in the trash and bought a brand new one from Dr. Pen directly. There is a distinct difference in the quality and I feel assured that I will have Dr. Pen’s support should I have challenges. I don’t think I’ll have any. I’ve done one session and within a few days, my skin was actually peeling a little. Very impressed! DON’T BUY A KNOCK OFF! It’s not worth the small savings.

Femvy Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Barbara K Wellman
Waiting for doctor’s approval

I’m still waiting for my Primary Care doctor’s be appointment to see if it’s okay to use my pen. I hadn’t thought about it, but a friend suggested that since I am on a blood thinner and immunosuppressant drugs h I had to be careful and check with my doctors. Will update my review if I get to use it.

on the learning curve

I have used my A6S only once and had trouble keeping pressure equal on all sides of the cartridge. I am going to slow it down to 1 setting until I feel more confident in what I am doing.. Overall the pen works great and batteries came charged so able to us w/o plugging into the wall.

Supported by real people

From our in-house Beauty Advisor to the warehouse staff that package your order with love and care, we are invested in your results. We are here to help you and be a part of your skin journey. 

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