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My results are amazing, smooth refreshed skin! Only had discomfort for a day, this is day 2 and my skin feels fine. Highly recommend

Love it!!!

It arrived fast and i used it the very first day it arrived! I already feel such a difference

Works well!

I used it for the first time last night and it worked well! It seem to be comparable to the professional treatments I had received.

Very easy to use and works perfectly!

It’s the next level

If you’re still using 36 needles....12 is the next level. It’s a little more painful but more effective per the experts. My skin soaks up my facial product after these treatments.

My very first pen!!

I’m gonna review the shipping experience even thought it says I received 4 days ago I just received it last night. The shipping was quite fast, but be aware that FedEx won’t deliver POBoxes. Fortunately, Monica helped me solve that issue and I got other a replacement, yay!! I will shop again just because of my experience.

Great service

Dr Pen

I am moving this Pen. I’m currently taking a microneedling course and looking forward to offering this service to my clients.

Works Great

I purchased this product about 8 months ago. I've used it once a month and have definitely seen an improvement. I have oily skin, and acne scars. I use hyaluronic acid 1.5% with the needling usually at 1.5/2 in depth with the 12 point needle. I don't use numbing cream but a glass of wine prior works just as well I'm sure lol. Usually I look sunburned the first 8 hours then it's gets a little better. Overall I'm glad I bought this product and will continue this once a month.

Great experience!

Thank you for your kind and informative staff! Was so impressed!

Top notch

Easy to use. Quality feel, fit and finish. Fast motor and single battery never drained even with a larger than average area micro needled. (Two batteries included) Very happy and highly recommended.


Je suis entièrement satisfaite de ma commande. Après avoir tant hésité entre les différents modèles j'ai pris le A6s et je suis très contente.

I have not used it yet, I had some pimples and I was afraid to use it I need help on how to use it

Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Pen
Alexandra Kubetin
My pen didn't work at all, but...

Even though my pen didn't work at all, I am still providing 5 stars simply because Dr. Pen immediately fixed the situation. They immediately sent me a brand new pen & I didn't even have to send ANYTHING back!!! I don't believe customer service gets better than this. Dr. Pen is a phenomenal company that actually cares about their customers. I'll recommend Dr. Pen to everyone in my life from now on.


Just got it today .... I believe uou sent me the wrong charger the prongs are not the right kind for US .... I believe I choose the USA for the charger. If you can send me one I would appreciate it .
Thank you
Alice Ahmadieh

Love my Dr Pen M8

Love my Dr Pen M8
I really like that you can change different cartridges so that you can get many benefits from it.

Nano Pin Cartridges for M8 (10 Pack)

Dr.Pen M8

best DermaPen I have ever bought for now , it works extremely smooth and light , Pen’s vibration is quiet and solid , Pen’s weight is very light and easy to handle

Love it

Muy bueno


Easy to use

Great price and easy to use at home

Holy Grail

I have been using this for 2 months. I am 43 with dry skin, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. I needle between 0.5 and 2. On the 2 I only use on the parts of my cheek where my pigmentation is bad and I stamp on those parts. This pen is brilliant. I don’t bother using the numbing cream. I recommend using a High quality hyaluronic acid. To make the product go further and for extra slip and hydration I use the la Roche thermal water spray. When I first starting using this I went back to my original skincare after 24 hours and I developed awful looking blisters on my face. When you micro needle you just have to remember the simpler your skin care the best for recovery. For week after, I use my thermal spray, hyaluronic and collagen serum (which had vitamin c included) vitamin e oil and the moo goo msm cream is incredible. Also it’s very important also to make sure you are feeding the skin within by taking asorbic acid(vitamin c) and collagen. Since using this pen I have noticed a reduction in my pigmentation and it has made such a difference to my skin healt(face is soft and bouncy).. I just did my second treatment and am on day 5 and I have flakiness around the areas of where my hyperpigmentation. I also just love using this for nano needling weekly. Also I find your results are magnified when you use the Led light therapy straight after treatment. This alleviates redness and irritation. Also use it every day for 15 minutes after a shower. Before investing in one of these, I would suggest getting a treatment done professionally to see how your skin reacts but I would say personally I get as good as results doing it myself then going to a beauty therapist. However I will continue to go to my therapist to get mesotherapy treatments every now and then. I recommend getting this as a bundle.

Dr Pen M8

Very happy with the purchase, great service


Awesome 🤩 really love using it
Quick and easy to use can’t wait to see more results

A6S = happy

I have used it once and I am happy with results!

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