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Femvy Serum Pack of Three - Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid & Peptide Complex


I bought the A6, the silver and blue Dr. Pen. And it happens to be the same one the nurse practitioner used. I love it so far. Now if I can get PRP on my own, I will be set.

fast shipping

Once I ordered from the website my cartridges got here in 3 days! Will definitely be bying from the again.

I love it

Very impressed with look and feel of pen

I received the pen two days ago and am excited to use it after the upcoming holiday weekend. I will update this review after I use it the first time. I have had micro needling in the past by an esthetician and now plan on doing it myself. I am a registered nurse so I’m pretty confident that I can successfully perform my own. Videos online have been helpful with technique.


Thank you

Nano cartridges for M8

I've enjoyed everything I've received from Dr. Pen.

Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Pen


Really pleased, made a massive difference to the appearance of my skin. Skin feels smooth, moisturised and eye cream Absorbing so much better gas made a big difference too

Love it

I used it for the first time today and it was simple and easy and painful (just kidding). It wasn’t so bad but the forehead was hard. Weird thing, once you get going, it’s really not so bad. I used peptides as I went along. I am using peptides now and spraying with Evian mist to cool my skin. Feels like a sunburn but not too bad. Great little device.

Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Pen
Brenda Legorreta Stegmann

Dr. Pen M8 Microneedling Pen

Outstanding quality. Very happy with my purchase

I was worried to order a micro needling pen online so I did a lot of research and I am glad I found this distributor.
The pen and the needles are high quality and I didn’t have any problem using it for the first time few days ago. I used numbing cream and I almost felt nothing. The downtime was less than 24h and I didn’t experience any bruising. Highly recommend to read all the articles in this website before micro needling for the first time because they are really informative and helped me a lot.

Did not come with numbing cream or hydraulic acid

The video showed someone using these things with it and thought it would come with it so that was disappointing also did not come in 2 days like the site said it would if you spend over a certain amount

Not happy

Please note I bought directly because you offered a packet of tips in the price. I also ordered another packet of different sized needle thus paying consideraby more that the pen price. Neither of the packegaes has arrived.


recvd fast, everything looked wonderful! Used it EZPZ. Looking forward to saving $$$$ doing this myself vs always going to astheticians / Dr office. The cost is well worth it! Thanks Dr Pen

so far its great!!

tried the night i recvd it.. just keep HA onnyour face and it workd fine- takes a min to get used to. If all goes well, the $ i spent will save $$$- thank uou

Amazing so far

Amazing Product and Easy to Use

Aesthetically beautiful micro needling pen. So easy to use and comes with an extra battery so that you can charge it while you’re using the other one and never have to run out of power if you choose to use battery only and not have it plugged in. Very easy to use and really looking forward to giving my clients results.

Love it.

Easy to use and the results 👌 will most definitely recommend i love my dr pen

They're the best

I love the 16 pins....I also have the 11 the 36...I.. I

Exelence choice.

It works very well, I’m actually surprised with the performance as a professional for 30 years as an Aestetician.

Femvy Vitamin C Serum
Heather Robins

I’m not sure, I spilled the whole bottle😩

Works great!

So easy to use, only used one time and saw improvement in pores, fine lines and complexion. Can’t wait to keep using different skin boosters and doing another treatment with my Dr Pen M8!!

So far it’s great

Just used it once for nano needling and the skin was smooth.

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