5 Things You Should Know About Microneedling

microneedling before and after

Microneedling is a fantastic treatment for a number of skin conditions, notably for scarring (see image above) and anti-aging purposes. However, you wouldn’t be the first person to be a little worried about what to expect from your first journey into microneedling at home! You’re probably wondering how red you will be, or if you’ve used the pen correctly. For these reasons, we want to help you and provide as much information as possible so you feel relaxed and comfortable, ready for your great results!

If you’re considering using Dr Pen at home for your own microneedling treatments but you aren’t sure what to expect, have a read of our list of the 5 things you should know about microneedling below.

Quick background on microneedling

Micro-needling is the process of creating tiny punctures in your skin, which is achieved by using your Dr Pen Australia device. These tiny wounds then stimulate a repair response from your body, which works to rejuvenate your skin by boosting collagen and elastin production. In turn, this reduces the appearance of fine lines, scarring and rejuvenates the overall texture of your skin.

1. It’s Quick and Relatively Painless

A lot of people ask, “does it hurt?” The answer is, a little. But the pain also depends on the length of the needle you choose to use (adjustable on your Dr Pen), and whether or not you use a numbing cream.

You can buy numbing cream over the counter at the pharmacy, which you usually put on about 30 minutes before your treatment (make sure you read the instructions). You will then need to remove the cream with alcohol solution before you begin needling.

If you use a serum, such as hyaluronic acid, this will also help your Dr Pen Australia glide over your skin more easily during the treatment, making it a little more comfortable. It also is recommended you use a serum as it increases the absorption and its efficacy.

2. You'll Experience Slight Redness

A great thing about microneedling is there is little to no downtime. You will experience a little redness and there will be some pinpoint bleeding for a day or two. You can easily cover this with a foundation the day after your treatment. Just make sure you also use an SPF when you head outside, and avoid prolonged sun exposure for the first couple of days. Read more about our aftercare instructions here.

3. Your Skin Will Feel Soft and Glow

Because microneedling prompts an exfoliating effect, after the initial redness and flaky skin subsides you will look radiant and refreshed. Removing the dead skin makes your skin soft and glowy a few days post-treatment.

4. There's a Chance You'll Experience Itchiness and Post-Procedural Marks

If your skin is very sensitive, there may be some mild itching the day or two after your treatment due to your skin healing and the flakiness. This is normal and nothing to worry about. If you feel your itching is of concern, please seek medical advice immediately. It’s also important not to use any fragrant face cream or harsh cleansers for a couple of days afterwards until your skin has settled.

5. Your topical products will penetrate deeper into your skin

This is due to what we call “micro-channels” being created with your Dr Pen Australia device. Applying creams and serums on your face may succeed to moisturize the outer layer of dead skin, but won’t penetrate deeper within as the active molecules are simply too big to pass through the ultra-protective epidermis layer. Dr Pen Australia devices create "micro-channels" which allow for deeper penetration of serums and ingredients resulting in higher efficacy, meaning you get more out of your serums than usual. This means softer, healthier skin! Yay! Learn more about micro-channels here.

Hopefully this blog has provided you with some insight into what to expect from your microneedling treatments. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via  Facebook Dr Pen Global.

If you still have concerns about how to microneedle at home, have a look at our FAQ section here.

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