What is Hyaluronic Acid?

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Hyaluronic acid has been making waves for a few years now, showing up in serums, moisturisers, foundations and masks to list a few! Hyaluronic acid plumps up your skin by hydrating and out fine lines and wrinkles and improving your overall skin texture. Hyaluronic acid is a beautiful serum to microneedle and nano-needle with. 

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) naturally occurs in our skin and is essential for maintaining skin hydration. Did you know HA within our bodies holds a thousand times its weight in water? This is not only to retain moisture in our skin and joints, but also to prevent the moisture from evaporating into the air! 

Unfortunately, just like collagen and elastin, as we age the production of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies decreases. This is why it's important to stimulate this production in our bodies if you want to maintain a glowing, fresh complexion. 

Hyaluronic acid is what is called a humectant. A humectant is something which can retain moisture. When hyaluronic acid is infused into skincare, it has the ability to bring moisture to the surface of your skin. This is because of its ability to draw and hold water. It also means it can continue to keep your skin moisturised throughout the day. 

Many skincare companies now use hyaluronic acid in their products, so chances are you're already using it, or might have used it in the past. Hyaluronic acid is also what's used in filler injections. 

When applied topically, HA makes the skin appear more dewy and younger because it improves skin elasticity. Because HA is so powerful at drawing moisture to the surface of your skin, you probably won't need to include it into more than one product in your skincare routine. 

Another good thing about hyaluronic acid is you can mix it easily with most other ingredients. This means it can be paired with peels, retinols, vitamins, and other acids. Another good trick is to mix your foundation into your hyaluronic acid serum for a combined skincare and makeup product! This might be suitable for people wishing to make their foundation a little thinner or with less coverage for a more natural look (similar to a tinted moisturiser). This trick is also suitable for people with dry skin who want a little more added hydration. Foundation on dry skin can look patchy and also decreases its wear time, so mixing a little with your serum can improve the longevity and appearance of the product. 

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